Energy efficiency, good for us and for our climate

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For decades, movements for solutions to climate disruption have grown: smart growth, green building, local food, renewable energy, etc.  The solutions are well underway right here in Houston.
NuRide carpool 
Houston Metro  

Climate Protection
Clean Houston
Houston Peak Oil
Sierra Club


Renewable Energy Roundup (9/23/06)
HREG  renewable energy

Green Building Council
Green Houston
KPFT Radio
Simplicity Network
Planned Parenthood
CEC coalition

Efficient Transportation
Bike Houston
CTC (transportation)
Electric Auto
Houston Metro
Gulf Coast Institute

Sustainable Food
Urban Harvest
Permaculture Guild 
Vegetarian Society

Reduce air pollution
Mothers for Clean Air

Slideshows at our weekly conference calls
Putting Energy Efficiency to Work by Fred Yebra  powerpoint version 
Beginners' Guide to Carbon Markets by Terry Moore
IGCC Pipedreams of Green and Clean by Carol Overland 

Texas Organizations

Churches protect climate
Texas Religious Leaders Call for Action  
World Council of Churches  "The atmosphere is a common gift."
Evangelical Climate Initiative  86 leaders pledge climate protection
American Baptist  "safeguard atmospheric integrity" 
United Methodist Church   "use compact fluorescent light bulbs"
US Catholic Bishops   Caring for God's Creation
Episcopal Church   Buy green electricity
National Council of Churches of Christ  "restore God's creation"
Presbyterian Church USA  "ratify kyoto" 1998
Unitarian Universalists "greatest moral and spiritual crisis"
What would Jesus Drive?

National and International Links

Climate Disruption

Peak Oil Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas  Peak Oil News  Energy Bulletin   The Oil Drum

Energy Efficiency radiant barriers  Cooling your attic

Surface Transportation Policy Project
Land Use & Transporation - Smart Growth
Electric bicycles, electric skateboards etc.
Folding bicycles to take on buses
Renewables Florida Solar Energy Center American Wind Energy Association

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