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Science "No Doubt About it, the World is Warming"  5/12/06

Centerpoint, David Star Homes, Transwestern Commercial Services, Energy Sense, Home Depot receive Energy Star Awards

Texas Baptist Standard "Global Warming poses 'severe' threat" 4/13/06

"Reactions to tighter hurricane intensity/SST link" (Sea Surface Temperature)
A summary of the science argument over connection between hurricanes and global warming in the press.

Energy Bulletin - reprint of Army internat report
"Our best options for meeting future energy requirements are energy efficiency and renewable sources. Energy efficiency is the least expensive, most readily available, and environmentally friendly way to stretch our current energy supplies. ... For efficiency and renewables, the intangible and hard to quantify benefits — such as reduced pollution and increased security — yield indisputable economic value." More

Houston Chronicle "Hot Water:Our Bays are getting warmer, which is a chilling thought to many who make their living along the Texas Coast" 2/4/06  More

Fortune Magazine: "... What if the secret behind civilization is that we've had really good weather? Humankind has prospered and multiplied during one of the most benign climate eras in the history of the planet. ... One would have to go back 115,000 years to find a time as tranquil and warm as the present."  More

FORTUNE Magazine The Pentagon's Weather Nightmare The climate could change radically, and fast. That would be the mother of all national security issues. More


People change the climate - EPA  
US Environmental Protection Agency says "Scientists know for certain that human activities are changing the composition of Earth's atmosphere. ... It's well accepted by scientists that greenhouse gases trap heat in the Earth's atmosphere and tend to warm the planet."

NASA summary of global warming.  

Oceans in trouble as acid levels rise. Severe cuts in carbon dioxide emissions needed to prevent death of marine life.  Story.

2005 had the strongest hurricane ever. In "Hotter Oceans, Fiercer Storms", PBS reported that there are twice as many bad hurricanes (category 4 & 5 storms) as 35 years ago. This correlates with warming sea surface temperature. Another study clarifies that the main cause is warming seas.

Economic damages grow rapidly.  More   

Global Warming, Hotter Gulf Waters, and Hurricanes

How would a storm surge affect Galveston-Houston?

Effect on Galveston, Texas City and Dickinson shown in simulation by University of Texas.

This government map shows what areas would flood if a hurricane hit us.   
In pink are areas threatened by an 8 foot storm surge from a small hurricane hitting near Houston. Red areas would be washed over by 13-25 foot storm surge of a big hurricane.  For more detail, use the interactive map on H-GAC.  Press "legend" button on the left to see explanation of colors.

This photo shows average sea surface temperatures (SST) during Hurricane Katrina (August 25 to August 27, 2005).  SSTs at or above 82 degrees will allow hurricanes to strengthen.  Every area in yellow, orange or red represents 82 degrees Fahrenheit or above.   Enlarge
NASA graphic.  More details.  Animated version.

Fortune Magazine reports "..Hurricane Katrina surged to its immense power when the storm passed over a deep layer of 90-degree Fahrenheit water in the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane Rita transfixed meteorologists when it strengthened from Category 2 to 5 in less than 24 hours while moving over those same hot seas. And in October, Wilma bested that by strengthening from tropical storm to Category 5 hurricane in a single day."  More

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